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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Jim Moss

Piton nails it. UT Senator attacks appointment of Sally Jewel as Secretary of the Interior. He complaints because she is connected to radical environmental groups like OIA that bring $35 million to UT twice a year. Outdoor Industry Association labeled as a radical environmental group is funny enough!

What are we doing in that state for another 3 years! Utah Senator proves that Outdoor Retailer needs to move.

See http://rec-law.us/VHv970


Yeah, the only way there won't be opposition from the idiots is if they get an oil exec for that position...


good point... Do we take our ball and leave (for where exactly) or take this
On from a partner position?

The Piton

Thanks for the response Kenji. The post was definitely a reaction to Rep. Bishop's labeling of OIA as a radical special interest group. Not to mention the lack of recognition of the obvious value of Utah's wild places and the economic importance of the Outdoor Industry. Do I mean to suggest OR should move to Vegas? I don't.

What this has done is fired me up to actually start paying attention. I am sure this has been thought of, or accomplished before, but I would be first to volunteer to give Senator Bishop a personal tour of Summer Market and introduce him to the industry that owes much to the state of Utah. To introduce Rep. Bishop to the business of the outdoors, and the people it has so obviously benefited.

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