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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The Lorax

Apology accepted....now let's move on.


Well one thing's for sure, he lied from day one and he hasn't stopped. The only thing he's sorry about is getting his pee-pee whacked. The only thing Patagonia is sorry about is losing credibility.


Yea, that's about what it sounds like to me. He's certainly sorry the community isn't congratulating him on being badass. But sorry about the climb or the reason for the controversy? I don't think so.


Days late, dollars short. Access Fund denounced almost immediately, because they could recognize the damage the moment that Arches NP changed the rules around.
Patagonia and Mr. Potter need to take to the road and try to undo the damage done to climber access to our (as tax payers) National parks.
The Piton should not count as "Public Apology". Take it to the street, Morning talk shows, Outside Magazine, Congress, etc.
You guys screwed up, now try to make it right.

Still won't buy Patagonia

Interesting and totally predictable.

1. Pull a bonehead stunt for publicity (what was it for, art or publicity? Confusing message from Potter).

2. Be totally taken aback by the public backlash (both Potter and Patagonia).

3. Wait a month to see if an apology is necessary.

An apology means they recognize they were wrong. Finally. Ok, give 'em credit for that. But does anyone really think it took a month to figure out they f*cked up? Nah, I think they were waiting to see if it'd blow over...


"I saw the climb as communing with nature, somehow, others have seen it as exploiting nature."

Gee, how do ya think they got to thinking that way? Could the multiple ascents, still and video documentation, and subsequent press release have had anything to do with it?

Dean probably is about as sorry for what he did as my dog is when he nabs a burger off the grill plate. Sorry for the consequences, maybe. Sorry for the offending act? No way.


"But does anyone really think it took a month to figure out they f*cked up? Nah, I think they were waiting to see if it'd blow over..."

Well, you have a point. Unfortunitly it's wrong. He didn't wait apoligise for a month on the basis that he couldn't be assed. It was a simple case of, primarily, stating that he felt he was being condemned and completely without serious reason (which I agree with), then realising that people, such as yourselfs, weren't understanding. I know of several people (from rc.com) that stated that an apology was neccasary. From there it is simple, if someone asks for an apology, you apologise.

Even if you completely disagree with Potter's ascent, why ruin (and it is ruining them) what is a great climbing company, due to the actions of one of it's sponsered climbers? How, in any way, is the company at fualt in this situation?
I say, apology accepted to Potter, good luck to Pantagonia, and piss off to everyone spraying annomusly over the internet abou the whole ordeal.

Dean climbed the arch "in the highest and purest way" that he could. Dean toproped it first, because he was afraid of the consequences of a fall (see Outside Online article). According to the first Patagonia statement, Dean is at the "pinnacle" of soloing. Perhaps "abyss" would be a more fitting description

Alaskan Pete

"...why ruin (and it is ruining them) what is a great climbing company, due to the actions of one of it's sponsered climber"

A great "climbing company" eh?. Umm, remind again what "climbing" gear Patagonia makes? It seems to have all escaped being part of my rack.


"To those I also admit that publicity was a significant part of it. As a professional athlete, recognition of what I do is part of the job."

Reap what you sow Patagonia. Reap what you sow.

Native Utah Climber

Patagonia is hardly a "great climbing company."

The very definition of an ambassador is somebody appointed to represent a country (or company in this case). If Patagonia is still willing to set Dean Potter apart as somebody that represents the company and its values, I want nothing to do with it. Please join in a boycott of all Patagonia products. Why should we support a company that in turn supports a climber that has no regard for one of our most valued national landmarks, and quite possibly, the most delicate and beautiful natural creation on the planet. Although Dean can say HE didn't leave any rope marks, his camera crew and belayer did. The Arches NPS rules were clear. Although Dean technically got away with it, it doesn't take a genius to know that you aren't supposed to climb a named natural bridge or arch. So, as I said, please join in a boycott of Patagonia products until they remove Dean Potter from "Ambassador" status. Until then, I don't want a penny of mine making it into Dean's hands.


No Reason To Boycott Patagonia.

They're no different, actually probably better, than any company in the industry. If you're gonna start boycotting companies for poor environmental records, might as well include BD, TNF, GoLight, and a dozen others for doing shit that is 100 times worse for the environment than Dean’s climb. Like selling to the military. Or using non-recycled paper in their catalogs. Or making stuff in China, a country with with an environmental record worse than ours. Stop the hypocrisy. Sweet baby jesus, when did the climbing community become a bunch of right wing conservative hypocrites? Ridiculous. You live off Potter as one of the greatest climbers we’ve produced in 10 years and then skewer him like he killed somebody’s child. Or walked by a dying man on Everest. Move on. Or climb gearless. Because if your'e going to judge if by these rules, everyone’s guilty my friends. EVERYONE.


You are all turds. Guy pulls off something none of you jackasses could do and you castigate him for it. It's a rock. A climber. He climbed it. That's basically all. Don't make it out to be more than that. Patagonia? Just another company, not on any pedestal, regardless of what Yvon would say. Rope scars? Yawn* Find something better. Now get into your Chevy Tahoe, drive the 30 miles to your suburban home, kiss your fat wife, and go eat at TGI Fridays.


Congrats, all this has put me to sleep. No, seriously, I just fell asleep reading all these comments.


Jesus. Give poor Dean a break. I'm sorry to see so much cynicism spread throughout the climbing community. Everything I've ever seen from that guy tells me he's a spiritually oriented, conscientious individual. He may have made a poor decision. But, I think he means well.

I can't say the same for people who post mean things about him and those who are full of their own self-righteousness. This movement to punish not just the sorry sap who performed the climb, but his sponsor, shows the mean-spirited nature of this mob-like mentality. I’m sure everyone has committed environmental transgressions of one kind or another while on the rock.

I believe the sincerity of his apology and I fully accept it. Generate a little good karma and give the poor guy the benefit of doubt.


I was the last guy to climb the arch. You can't do it now. But I did.

And I real sorry about that.

Did I mention I was sorry?

-Dean Potter

brad lynch

Just want to make one thing clear. I, Brad Lynch, did not leave a groove in that arch. None of us did. I know that it is easy to believe that we did-if you don't know us. We all have lots of experience rigging in the desert, and know how not to leave a mark. Dispite all the hullabaloo, we did leave that thing in better shape than we found it...picked up lots of trash and butts, just like we allways do when we go out, all along the four-foot wide path that the park service blasted (with dynamite) into the slab on the way out to the arch.
Questoining our (my) motives is fair game, but please know this: I love the desert. I love that arch and every other piece of rock and mud out there.
Now, let there be peace.

Still won't buy Patagonia

To all the Dean Potter apologists:

Are you people that lame? Do you really think this guy doesn't do everything in his power to polish his image as "spiritual" and a "good karma" guy, etc.? Bullsh!t. Go out and experience the real world, people. He's a f*cking climber, not a buddhist monk.

Rude awakening to corporate culture? I guess so. You are in America after all.


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